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vacancies for 2 PhD students

We are currently looking for 2 enthusiastic PhD students to join our team. They will work on a recently awarded Dutch Cancer Foundation grant entitled "Exploring the macrophage landscape in AML as novel therapeutic target", which in part builds further on recent work we published in Science Advances. We recently uncovered that a subgroup of – in particular poor prognosis AML patients – contains a large proportion of so-called tumor supportive M2- type macrophages. For the first time we have begun to functionally study the role of these cells in AML and have shown that they indeed support leukemic growth in vitro and in vivo, and impose drug resistance. The overarching aim of the current proposal is to characterize the mechanisms by which M2-type macrophages support tumor growth, and develop tools to exploit these mechanisms as part of novel therapies.

For further information about the positions, please contact me at

To apply, please go to the UMCG application site.

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