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We are looking for an art.12/13f technician to join our team!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

We are currently looking for a skilled, enthusiastic, and highly motivated art.12 technician to join our team. The technician will be responsible for our in vivo mouse studies, in collaboration with PhD students and postdocs. Besides being responsible for mouse handling, there are also possibilities to conduct specific research projects. We are highly interested in further elucidating HSC/LSC-niche interactions, and have developed humanized niche scaffold in vivo models in order to study interactions between (leukemic) stem cells and their surrounding cells, such as stromal cells and innate immune cells (see PMID: 37058562; 28456746; 27733356; 27125308).

The job opening is now available at the official UMCG site where you can apply.

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